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The Team

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Kami photo.jpg

Kami Irwin

Founder/ Owner & President

Hello I am Kami Irwin a resident of Kihei, Hawaii. I am a Laser Technician and love my family, sports, guns & anything camouflage. My love for this great Country and all who protect it whether it be police officers, fire fighters or our servicemen & women who sacrifice their lives to do so, are what took me down a path of beginning US13 “Honor the Fallen.” The 13 service members who sacrificed their lives in Kabul, Afghanistan and the families who now have tragic loss deserve the utmost respect and we will continue to spread love and awareness for them through US13 to have their names remembered forever. My goal along with my team, is to continue setting up memorials & host events around the country so their sacrifice is never forgotten.  Our team is proud to say we support our police officers & military while continuing to grow our organization to help others along the way. “Freedom isn’t Free.”

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Crystal Turner

Co-Founder & VP


Hi y’all!  I am Crystal Turner, native Texan and not your typical Latina! Kami and I met in San Diego while rowing on the same Outrigger Canoe Club and have been friends since 2011. I spent 16 years in the construction industry on residential, commercial and military projects in California and Texas.

I joined US13.ORG in February of 2022. While I am a stay at home mom of 2 miracle babies, wife to an amazing husband, I jumped at the opportunity to help Kami. I am a huge patriot, love our country, 2A, military and first-responders. When I’m not fulfilling orders, emailing, changing diapers and maintaining the home, I enjoy True Crime podcasts, drinking wine, cooking, football season, hunting and living the country lake life.

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Melissa Meeuwsen

Secretary & Director of Digital Design


    Hi, I’m Melissa! I am a wife and a mom of two boys, Luke and Mack. We live in San Diego, CA, but I grew up in a small country town in Eastern Oregon. I love to be outside in the sunshine, go to concerts and hockey games, and watch my boys play baseball. Before becoming a mom, I worked at the police department as a records specialist, and was a volunteer victim advocate for the District Attorney’s office. I have a true love and appreciation for all first responders and military personnel. That grew even stronger after a friend of mine lost her husband while in Afghanistan in 2011. I made it my goal to always say his name, share his story, and honor him the way he deserved. So, when I saw what Kami was doing with US13 it only made sense for me to help her with her mission, because it was something I was already passionate about. I joined US13 in April of 2022 as a designer, and I could not be happier!


    Jeromy “Doc” Romriell 

    Member at Large -

    Veteran Logistics & Detail Specialist

    Retired U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, husband, father to three brilliant kids, and trainer to my service dog lovingly named Liberty. Throughout my Naval career I had the pleasure of serving side by side with the U.S. Marines in combat, and with fellow Sailors and Marines in humanitarian aid missions, natural disasters, and in critical care units throughout the world. Serving as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, and 7th Marines Regiment I earned the name “Doc”. That came with dedication to the care and wellbeing of my Marines, and when I saw the horrors that were coming out of Afghanistan I was pissed. My heart ached at the senseless loss of life due to poor planning, and those families that had lost their loved ones. 

    Meeting Kami in Texas back in January 2022, I was struck by her passion to honor the fallen 13 despite having no prior personal connection to the military community. Diving into her own savings she wanted to create a continuous memorial to the 13 so that their spirit never fades. Joining Kami and the team is a deep honor and a continuation of my sworn oath to care for those in need, and one that I will resume with US13. 


    Until Valhalla… We will keep your memories alive, and in the hearts and minds of all we meet.


    - Doc


    Wes Brin

    Member at Large - Veteran Program Specialist


    I’m Wes Brin, an Air Force Veteran (01-09’). I deployed during the initial push into Iraq in March of 2003 and help support air cover during multiple campaigns (including Operation Iraqi Freedom) from March - Sept 2003 as a crew chief on F-16s. My passion revolves around helping veterans establish new and successful businesses and honoring our brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice through amazing organizations such as US13.Org. It is an honor to serve on the board for US13 and help remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that others may remain free and prosper. 

    Until Valhalla - God Bless our Brothers in Arms and God Bless America. 

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