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Our founder, Kami Irwin, created US13 to represent and honor our Fallen 13 heroes we tragically lost in Kabul on August 26, 2021. Our goal with this organization is not only to keep our servicemen & women & their families names remembered forever, but to continue showing love & appreciation for our military & all of the brave men & women who serve this amazing country.


Not only have we been able to host special tributes to Honor the sacrifices these men & women have made, but we've been able to expand our growth to helping other organizations and showing our support for all professions in uniform. 

With all the chaos in the world our goal is to continue to raise funds so we can keep spreading awareness at events & memorials around the country.

We will forever stand behind what it truly means to have the freedom we do because of those that put their lives on the line for us as Americans.


Our every action as an organization, as a community, is emblematic of our gratitude--a tribute to the valor, courage, & heroism of the sacrifices made by our brave men & women. 

Purple Heart Recipient Major Ed Pulido
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